Generation and verification of tool path of machining center parts

一、Tool path generation of machining center parts


After completing the CAD geometry of the part, the appropriate surface machining function should be selected according to the shape characteristics and machining requirements of the machined part. After that, the system prompts the input process parameters in the form of a dialog box, including machine parameters, tool parameters, cutting parameters and specific parameters corresponding to various functions. It should be noted that for different surface machining functions, the cutting parameters and specific parameters are different in the setting format. Limited to space. The parameters are only partially explained in the example. After completing the setting of the relevant parameters, the computer automatically enters the calculation of the tool path data and displays the tool path in a graphical form on the computer screen.


二、Machining center tool trajectory simulation verification


After the tool path is generated, the tool path dynamic simulation display can be used to verify the rationality of the tool path and check for interference and tool search. Tool path simulation is an important part of improving the quality of processing and reducing machining accidents. There are two ways to implement this function in Master CAM 8.0.

1、Select Toolpath / (Toolpaths /) - Operation / (Operations /) Verification / (Verify /).

2、Select Common Management / (Nc utils /) ~ Verify / (Verify /).


三、Machining center post processing to generate NC machining program


After the tool path simulation proves that the path of the tool is accurate, the NC machining program can be automatically generated by the computer through the post processing. The so-called post-processing is to convert the tool position data, tool commands and various functions into the command word set/(ie NC program/) that the CNC system can accept according to the requirements of the specific CNC machine control system, and output the program. process. Master CAM provides post-processor files /(* pat/) for many types of CNC systems. These post-processor files are text files that can be edited and modified. The program format used for the CNC system used can be generated by selecting or editing post-processing files. There are two methods for post processing in Master CAM.

1、Select Toolpath / (Toolpaths /) - "Operations / (Operations /) ~ Post Processing / (Post /). This method is mainly used for post processing of the tool track just generated.

2、Select Gongchuan Management / (Nc utils /) - Post Processing / (Post proc /).

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