Ordering method

一、Telephone order

       Can directly contact the sales department of our company, telephone consultation, leave the contact information and directly through the factory direct sales.


二、Online ordering
       Can communicate with our online customer service, leaving your company's detailed information, directly connected by professional sales managers, factory direct sales.


三、Order directly to our company
       Local customers can order directly from our company, and can arrange the sales manager to come to the door. Please contact the company before ordering to confirm the factory time, so as to arrange sales and technical personnel to contact.

Detailed ordering process:
1.Determine model

   By consulting, determine the model, the website understands the specifications and determines the model.


   Telephone, online customer, message, email, etc. to register information, business manager to reply to price and delivery date.

3.signing the contract

   Sign the contract, product details, payment methods, etc.


   Payment according to the terms of the contract, and timely delivery after payment.


   According to the contract, install and debug.

6.After sales service

   Training and warranty.

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