Pre-purchase consultation

       Our company (Dongguan Taicheng CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.) provides you with 7*24 hours of online service. If you have any questions during the use or purchase of the processing center, you are welcome to contact our customer service staff!

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Before you buy, you need to know some key specifications of the CNC machine model to meet your production process needs. Please refer to a few basic questions to improve the correctness of your selection:

1、What is the size of the workpiece?
If the workpiece is 300*500mm, you need to select the machining center model with the worktable greater than or equal to 300*500mm.


2、What is the part material?
Such as 45 steel, aluminum alloy, ceramics, etc.


3、Is there a precision requirement?
The accuracy here is divided into machining accuracy and static precision. The accuracy of the general user is usually the machining accuracy.


4、What is the processing procedure?
Our machining center products, different models have their own different characteristics.


5、Is there a purchase budget?
If you have special requirements for the configuration and have a certain budget, we can also increase or decrease the replacement configuration to meet your processing requirements, and recommend a model that is more suitable for the enterprise.

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