Purchasing Process

一、CNC machine tool selection

Before you buy, you need to know some key specifications of the CNC machine model to meet your production process needs. Please refer to a few basic questions to improve the correctness of your selection:

1、What is the size of the workpiece?
If the workpiece is 300*500mm, you need to select the machining center model with the worktable greater than or equal to 300*500mm.


2、What is the part material?
Such as 45 steel, aluminum alloy, ceramics, etc.


3、Is there a precision requirement?
The accuracy here is divided into machining accuracy and static precision. The accuracy of the general user is usually the machining accuracy.


4、What is the processing procedure?
Our CNC machine tools have different characteristics for different models.


5、Is there a purchase budget?
If you have special requirements for the configuration and have a certain budget, we can also increase or decrease the replacement configuration to meet your processing requirements, and recommend a model that is more suitable for the enterprise.


二、Product consultation
Whether you can determine the model of the product you are looking for, you can call Taicheng CNC Network Marketing:

Free service hotline:400-688-5846

We are the company with the priority to process, your needs can be transferred to the business manager faster and more directly, and our business manager will contact you.

With any intention to talk to the company's upper level, we can all reach the leadership in the first place.

In addition to this, in addition to consulting by phone, you can also view the detailed parameters of the machining center model through the product center of the station. You can learn the specific parameter specifications and application examples of all models without field inspection. Save time, rest assured!



After confirming the product model and requirements you need, please inform the online customer service or leave a message below, and then our business manager will quote you.

1、Full name of your unit:

2、Your Name:
3、Your phone number:


四、Confirm purchase
1.Contract signing takes effect
Your order will be tracked by the full name of the business manager who serves you. He will provide you with a clear and efficient sales contract, signed by the person in charge of the company's procurement, and will receive 30% of the payment as a deposit.


2、Production arrangements
After the sales manager receives the contract you have returned, the system material production procedure is started and the production is scheduled.


The production is completed, the delivery procedure is entered, and 50% of the purchase price is paid before the inland transportation is shipped. We will arrange the logistics delivery immediately, all you have to do is wait patiently for the machine door.


Please keep your mobile phone unblocked during the day, so that the shipping company can contact you for delivery. After receiving the machine, please check:

1、Whether the outer packaging is damaged, whether there is rain or water immersion, and whether the goods are damaged;

2、Check the model and quantity of the product, as well as the accessories;

If this happens, please take a photo and contact the sales staff in time.


五、Installation and commissioning

1、After the machine arrives, our company will arrange technicians to install and debug. After installation and commissioning, you need to check the machine.

2、After the machine tool is accepted, 20% of the final payment is made. If the machine tool arrives within 30 days of the buyer's factory and the installation and commissioning work cannot be performed due to the buyer's reason, the machine tool is deemed to have passed the acceptance check.


In order to use the machine tool for production more efficiently, our company technicians can conduct operation training for your staff after the machine tool is qualified.



From the date of acceptance, the machine tool is free of charge for one year.

During the warranty period, if the equipment is not working properly, the seller will send the engineer to the buyer's factory within 24 hours after receiving the buyer's notice/(the holiday is extended/), and if it is improperly used, it will be damaged and the part cost will be charged. After the warranty period, the machine package repair will only charge travel and parts costs.

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