How to maintain the stability of the CNC system

How to maintain the stability of the CNC system

       Line changes should take into account the minimum number of lines from the field to the console pump motor to reduce the burden of rerouting. Since the ring includes mechanical parts, its parameters, characteristics such as stiffness, friction characteristics, inertia and stall, etc., have an impact on the dynamic and static characteristics of the servo system, and also affect the stability of the system. The design and adjustments bring some difficulty.

       The problems that should be paid attention to when rebuilding the old CNC machine tools. Correctly estimate the residual value of the existing machine tools and the service life of the various components that constitute the CNC machine tools, and determine the technical indicators and scale of the transformation required after the machine tool transformation. In general, the mechanical value and accessory accessories are the most valuable in the old CNC machine tools. The CNC system often needs to be updated. In the process of regeneration and transformation, the systematic design of engineering design, the idea of comprehensive supporting transformation, must not be partially modified. What needs to be modified is the numerical control and electrical drive system and related parts, plus mechanical changes and precision recovery measures and adjustments, it can be considered that such retrofit regeneration is appropriate.



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       Consider the following from a comprehensive package:

(l)The CNC system uses SINUMERIKS-oM;

(2)The machine tool cabinet is controlled by Pl;

(3)Modify the machine tool panel;

(4)Change the machine circuit trace;

(5)The feed drive servo system is changed to SIMOD甩vE6R2A6(v3);

(6)Transform the power supply system;

(7)The hydraulic system is adjusted accordingly.

       The thermal error compensation based on the neural network makes the error generation and compensation synchronous, which can make the precision of the machined part even exceed the precision of the CNC machine itself. This technology is one of the effective methods to improve the precision of CNC machining.

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