The importance of a five-axis CNC machining center to the country

      For a long time, the western industrialized countries led by the United States have always used the five-axis linkage CNC machine tool system as an important strategic material and implemented an export licensing system. In particular, during the Cold War, the United States and the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries were blocked. Shipped.

       Friends in this industry must know the "Toshiba Incident". At the end of the last century, Toshiba provided several five-axis CNC machine tools to the former Soviet Union. Five-axis CNC machine tools purchased by the former Soviet Union from Toshiba Corporation were used for manufacturing. The propeller propeller of the submarine resulted in several submarines propeller propellers in the former Soviet Union. It was difficult for the US spy ship sonar to monitor the sound of the former Soviet submarine propeller. Later, according to the US investigation, it was learned that Japan’s Toshiba Company provided a five-axis linkage CNC machine tool to the former Soviet Union in violation of the strategic material embargo policy. The US government proposed that the Japanese government severely punish Japan’s Toshiba Corporation.


Five-axis linkage CNC machine tool

       It can be seen that the importance of five-axis CNC machine tools to a country, CNC machine tools is a symbol of the national manufacturing level. The CNC machine tool with the highest level of manufacturing in the industry is a five-axis CNC machine tool system. In a sense, this reflects the state of a country's manufacturing industry.

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